Tree Planting Program


Donate a Living Gift

A great way to celebrate or honor a loved one is to plant a tree. The Tree Planting Program is offered through the San Luis Obispo Parks, Open Space and Trails (SLOPOST) organization. SLOPOST is a 501-C3 non-profit organization. You can have a tree planted in a County Park to celebrate an event, to honor someone special, and to contribute to your park habitat. Following your contribution, park staff handles all other arrangements.

Your donation will be recognized with a thank you letter and certificate and County Parks will keep a record of the location of your tree donation. County Parks does not permit the placement of signs to recognize tree donations.

We cannot accept pine species due to the spread of Pine Pitch Canker disease in the region. Other tree species may be accepted depending on the park and its location in the County. Call 805.781.5930, option 4 for more information.